Make your customers’ life easier with service requests in just 2 clicks.


Simple ticket distribution between technicians.


Organise tickets based on priority and status.


Integrations with other external systems.


Service Requests in just 2 clicks


Scan the 2CLIXZ QR Code

Link your assets with 2CLIXZ QR Codes. Your customer will simply have to scan that QR Code from inside our 2CLIXZ mobile app.


Submit ticket

Define the issues available for each asset. Once a QR Code has been scanned, your customer will be able to select the related issue and submit the ticket. GPS location, pictures and comments are also possible for each ticket.

Benefits of 2CLIXZ Service Requests

Tickets Management

An intuitive ticketing system, for managing customers issues, that helps to improve technicians operational efficiency. Organize work based on priority, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and urgency, helping to avoid bottlenecks.

Take Ownership

Your technicians can take ownership on specific tickets, avoiding multiple work on the same ticket. Once a ticket is “owned” by a technician, will disappear from the “public” list and will be back only if “released” by the current owner.

Measure & Improve Service Level

Provide your technicians with greater insight into their operational performance and potential improvement opportunities. For each ticket you know when it was created, how long it took and who handled it.

Increased speed of service

A large element of customer support expectations are based on how quickly their issues are resolved. Each technician has his own 2CLIXZ app which gives them direct access to all incoming tickets.

Improved customer satisfaction

Your customer can easily add/remove access for their employees. Every employee with access can simply submit a ticket in just 2 clicks. No need to call IT.

Chat with users

With the “Chat” feature, your technician can start a chat directly with the person that submitted the ticket to request more information right away.