Start your office digitalization with the 2CLIXZ ONEcard.




One business card for the rest of your career!




Order your card

Start by ordering your 2CLIXZ ONE card.


Add your data

  • Set up your account and initial business card data.
  • Add any other data, e.g. URLs, movies, address, etc.


  • Downloading the 2CLIXZ app gives you free access to “Hypernotes” (50MB limit).
  • Hypernotes not only allows you to manage all your business card data.
  • It also let’s you manage all incoming leads in a CRM and add meeting location, meeting notes, documents, recordings, tags, etc.

Benefits of the 2CLIXZ ONEcard

One Card, unlimited connections

The 2CLIXZ ONEcard is as thin as any credit card and allows you to connect with an unlimited number of individuals.

Scanning your card means also giving the other person a form for them to communicate their information to you.
Or just scan their business card.
Or invite them to use ONEcard too.

Customize your information

Easily customise your information on the 2CLIXZ HyperNotes App. Your card automatically adapts.
When meeting people, they will see all this information on their smartphone after scanning or tapping your ONEcard.

ONE purchase - ONE card - free use FOREVER

No more printing when your information changes.
More efficient for incoming information from others, including attached information.

Your free CRM extension of ONEcard

2CLIXZ HYPERNOTES, which you use to manage your data on ONEcard can also be used to manage any other incoming contact.
It also allows to add all kinds of information: pictures, notes, recordings, GPS location, date and time, Tags … (limited to 50MB).

Can I upgrade to more features?

– ONEcard-sync is a feature we offer on the HyperNotes Desktop version. It syncs all your contacts and related information with your calendars and contacts.
– ONEcard data can be upgraded per 2GB levels.

NFC or QR code?

It’s really simple. You have both in 1 card.
If the person you meet has an NFC capable smartphone, you can use that.
If not, they scan the QR code on your card.
And you can still scan their paper business card in your Hypernotes system.