The Ecological Printing Solution

Just-in-Time Delivery of toners just through DCA alerts does not work. The reason is that, in most cases, users replace the toner that arrived when they see it coming in, not when the cartridges are completely empty.


The 2CLIXZ JIT-R system organises Just-in-Time Replacement instead of the currently used Just-in-Time Delivery. The toners can be replaced exactly when needed and shipments can now be reduced to once or twice a month. JIT-R also organises inventory-moves and the return of empties.


The savings are about 2200 Tons of plastic and toner per year in Europe and an additional estimated saving of about 1.5 million packages eliminated by the combined shipping of orders.


The result is a solution that has no cost to the MPS Reseller, on the contrary, he makes money with it and can increase the ecologically beneficial profile of his company and that of his customers.


Benefits of the JIT-R system

Ordering from machine to Reseller stays automatic through DCA’s.

Manual ordering is possible through mobile app by scanning the printer’s QR Code.

The Reseller has granular data about replacements which were on-time, or early.

Messaging on the system to the user, if a replacement was done early, with a simple request to ask for the reason.

Education of the users at the corporate customer to make the toner exchange when it is fully empty.

Cost reduction for the reseller – at least 5 grams per toner saved if fully used instead of an early replacement.