Hybrid work is here to stay, and your users and customers already rely on Chat to conduct vital business conversations.


Deliver an amazing user experience that’s fast and easy and make a real connection, linked to other activities on the 2CLIXZ platform.


Instant real-time support.


Or simply chat with your team.

Benefits of 2CLIXZ Chat

Eliminate Phone Calls

Need more information from your customers? Sending them a chat is fast and easy. They received it instantly, with a notification so they can reply right away.


With in-app notifications, your users will never miss a message, keeping business moving.

Save Travel Cost

You received a ticket that has a simple solution? A text message can save your technician an extra visit to the customer.

Use it Anywhere

Engage your customers from the comfort of your office, couch, or on the go. Keep the conversation going using your 2CLIXZ mobile app.

Team Chat

Give your employees the ability to privately start a chat with colleagues or create a group chat to share ideas and improve productivity.

Faster and Secure

2CLIXZ Chat is built for the lowest latency and the highest security standards.

2CLIXZ Chat options


Orders Chat

If you have a 2CLIXZ Shop, chatting with your customers is easy. For each order you can start a chat with the person who placed it.


Tickets Chat

Are you a service provider that uses 2CLIXZ Service Requests? Your technician can start a chat directly from an opened ticket to request more information from the person that created it.


Hypernotes Share Chat

You love 2CLIXZ Hypernotes entries? Did you know that you can share them with your colleagues and work together? With the option to chat between all participants.


Contacts chat

You can always start a chat with a 2CLIXZ contact. Even more, group chat is also possible with multiple contacts.