Link your assets with 2CLIXZ QR Codes to identify them easily.


Change location on the fly, simply by scanning the asset QR Code.


Create “rooms” and assign your assets to them.


Use Check-in / Check-out to control your assets location.


Use these together with 2CLIXZ Service Requests, the quickest way to contact a supplier and have assets linked to them.


Lack of operational insights

With increasing portfolio sizes and complexity, establishing operational insights for your assets can be hard.


Central Asset Management enabling data-driven decisions

2CLIXZ is an Asset Management Platform enabling data-driven decisions, driving down costs, and optimizing performance for complete asset portfolios.

Benefits of 2CLIXZ Asset Management

Easy Setup

2CLIXZ is designed to be simple and intuitive. Import your assets, link them to QR Codes and you’re good to go. Based on these QR Codes you will be able to get real-time data on your assets, list them or track them at any moment.

Any Asset

2CLIXZ supports any kind of asset, even if it’s a printer, a coffee machine or just a chair. Besides our default types of assets you can create custom ones of your own.

Mobile Access

At any given time, on our 2CLIXZ mobile app you can see where an asset is located and its GPS coordinates. You always keep track of your entire fleet.

Floor Plan Location

Going to a building and knowing where what has to go? Assign each asset to a specific location using our graphical mapping solution.

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in your assets to a potential customer. Check them out when the loan is over.


Define the reports exactly as you need them and we will create them for you.