• Simplify your purchases and control your business expenses.
  • Say goodbye to complicated solutions, paper processes, and slow approval, and say hello to proactive cost management.
  • Digitization in procurement is simple for purchasing business essential products regardless of employee location.
  • Eliminate friction points typically encountered when needing service or repair on any business or home asset.

As Usual

  • Negotiate best-value agreements with your suppliers.
  • Introduce friction-free budget control at the individual user level.
  • Minimize risk and prolong customer life-cycles.

Time Savings

  • Automate ordering where iOT systems exist.
  • Delegate purchasing decisions to the people who need the products while maintaining budget control.
  • Eliminate after-the-fact expense report processing and reimbursements.

Sleep with Both Eyes Open

  • Friction-free budget control system per person or department.
  • Manage spend to approved suppliers at contracted prices.

Manage Expenses, Manage your Business

Simple Buying Experience

Lead employees to preferred suppliers with a simple buying experience.

Mobile App

Easy access for all your employees to items with agreed prices from their 2CLIXZ mobile app.

Predefined Price-Lists

Transact with all suppliers and clients easily and confidently using predefined price-lists. Consolidate and control all spending from source to pay.

Controlled Procurement

  • Get instant visibility into your employee’s company spending.
  • Exceptional purchases to be made and budget to be exceeded?
  • Procurement is contacted automatically for approval or denial.

Home Workers

  • Oh, and yes, this can be used for all home workers too.
  • Several delivery addresses?
  • ONE invoice, ONE budget.

Easy Setup

Make your supply chain exponentially more efficient and profitable without the stress that comes with a comprehensive up-front implementation.